Nano Iron Oxide Pigment

Although nano-sized transparent iron oxide is an inorganic pigment from the aspects of synthesis and performance characteristics, it has the characteristics of organic pigments and the ratio of opaque iron oxide pigments. The transparent iron oxide particles are very small, with only 0.01-0.015μm  , belonging to nanometer crystals

Character of nanometer crystals determined its big Surface density (about 80-100m2/g)and high Oil absorption(about 40-50g/100g oil),while Phthalocyanine blue is 50, Phthalocyanine green is 46, Iron Oxide is 18. Because its particle size is smaller than the half wavelength of light, transparent ferric oxide is dispersed in the medium and transparent when making a continuous film. Due to the small size of primary nodules of nanometer, the scattering and absorption of light are obviously different from the traditional opaque iron oxide pigments, so the transparent iron oxide has a very bright tinting, which changes the dark performance of the opaque iron oxide

Tinox TIP RED101